Eats My Life provides a wide range of artisanal foods/snacks for offices with healthier options. We'll customise the best snack plan that matches your office budget and taste!

We’re big believers of healthy snacking (and snacking in general), and having snacks available in your office pantry is important for productivity. Not only does (healthy) snacking boosts mood and in coping with stress, it also makes workers feel valued and appreciated.

With an assortment of flavours delivered to your office, we provide not just variety but convenience as well.

Our Offerings

Granola Packs

Granola Packs

Coming in different sizes ranging from 150g to 300g, we offer multiple flavours that’s set to make your office a happier one.

Granola Bars

Sometimes a little bit of crunch goes a long way for satisfying your peckish appetite. Packed with energy, staying awake will be a breeze in that dreaded afternoon work zone.

Granola Shots

Bite sized compatriots to our big ol’ packs of granola. Simple single serve sizes to serve as toppings for your yogurt or ice cream. Or heck, why not just pour it straight into the mouth. That’s what shots are for, after all.



With a wide range of mainly fruit-based flavours, there’s surely less to be guilty about when you dip into the office freezer for our signature pops.